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Getting Around Georgia

Getting around Georgia

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Navigating around the country can pose a bit of challenge due to terrain, poor rural infrastructure, and lack of organization. Although there are still a lot of options, some are better than others depending on where you are headed.


Scroll down to take a look at your 5 main options for getting around Georgia, and click to learn more!

Tbilisi Metro Train

With two lines and a total of 22 stops, the Tbilisi metro gives tourists access to most major areas of the city.


Click to see a simple map of the metro and to learn more about what you can find close to each station, from grocery stores and bazaars to pharmacies and hospitals.

A marshrutka in Tbilisi.

These mini-buses both fill in the gaps of city buses and provide cheap transportation between cities.

Click to learn more about how marshrutkas work, as well as where to find them and where they go. 

Click to see more about inter-city marshrutkas, or click to see more about Tbilisi's marshrutkas.

A Georgian Railway train.

Georgian Railway operates many routes within the country, with stops such as Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Poti, Borjomi, and more.

Click to learn more about navigating the country via train.

Photo courtesy of Georgian Railway

A Tbilisi city bus.

Tbilisi has a large bus system that helps fill in the gaps of the metro.

Click to find out more about these bus systems, as well as which buses serve which Tbilisi Metro Stations and major points of interest.

Georgia's major cities offer a plethora of taxis. While your Uber and Lyft apps won't get you very far here, there are some alternatives.

Click to learn more about Georgia's taxis, approximate fares, and popular ride-hailing apps.

A stereotypical taxi in Tbilisi.
A typical Georgian road.

Georgian road etiquette differs from what many Westerners might consider normal, and while much of the country is easily accessible by road, not all of it is.

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