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4 Off-the-Beaten-Path views of Tbilisi

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Tbilisi is full of amazing views. The most well-known views of the city are from Narikala  Fortress, the top of Mtatsminda, and from the Baratashvili Street overlook above Rike Park. However, there are plenty of other amazing views in Tbilisi, if you know where to look. Below is a list of our top views that will give you an alternative perspective on Tbilisi.

1: Intersection of Beritashvili and Amashukeli Streets, Lisi Lake

Tbilisi and Mtatsminda

This nondescript roundabout has what is probably the best view of Tbilisi. From here, it’s possible to see the entirety of Saburtalo with Mtatsminda as the backdrop. In clear conditions, you’ll even be able to see Sameba and the towers of Varketili. 

What makes this view so unique is that it helps put the city and its surrounding into perspective. From here, Mtatsminda isn’t a tall mountain that looms over the city but rather the blunt end of a long ridge that extends for kilometers west of the city. What’s more, it’s possible to see that Tbilisi is a city that is trapped in its surroundings. This is a city that is growing up, not out, thanks to the mountains.

How to get here (public transit):

No 29 Bus

Location in Tbilisi

2: Hippodrome Park, Saburtalo

Hippodrome Park, Saburtalo

The wide open space of the former Soviet-era hippodrome (racecourse) is a rare sight in a city characterized by verticality. Like New York’s Central Park, the Hippodrome is bounded on all sides by highrises and tall buildings.

The Hippodrome itself is no longer in use. Most of the former racecourse is now a gravel pathway, except for the northern straightaway, which is part of the Cholokoshvili Highway. This park is by far the best spot for jogging in Tbilisi as that the main loop is 1 mile long. The park also has large open spaces for various field sports and a dirt bike course.

What’s informative about this view is the level of income diversity and inequality that’s visible. If you’re facing Saburtalo, on the left side are modern, luxury high rise apartments, in the middle, on a ridge, are large gated houses, and on the right end are Soviet-era Khrushchevka apartments.

How to get there (public transit):

15 minute walk from m/s Delisi, Bus no 92, 

Location in Tbilisi

3: King Parnavaz Monument overlook, Ketevan Dedopali Ave

Narikala Fortress, Old Tbilisi, Mtatsminda and Andza from the King Parnavaz Monument

This overlook probably has the best view of Old Tbilisi! Form here, you can see Narikala Fortress head-on; you can see centuries-old buildings lurching off of the cliff above the Mtkvari River; you can see Sololaki creeping up Mtatsminda; and you can see just how tall Andza (the tall TV tower on top Mtatsminda) really is.

From here, it's possible to see what made Tbilisi's location so practical during the Middle Ages. The mountains to the west of Tbilisi are visible, the narrowness of the Mtkvari River is apparent, and Narikala's ability to protect the city becomes obvious.

The monument to King Parnavaz is worth a trip in-and-of-itself. King Parnavaz ruled during the 3rd Century BCE and is claimed to be a decedent of Kartlos--the namesake figure of the Georgian people. It's believed by many Georgians that King Parnavaz created the first Georgian script.

The park itself is extremely pleasant. Like most Georgian parks, it's full of benches and shady spots to sit under.

How to get there (public transit):

10-15 min walk from m/s Avlabari and m/s Isani; Bus no. 02, 25, 39, 37, 43, 137

Location in Tbilisi

4: St. Nino Monument, Dighomi Village

Much of Gldani and Dighomi Massif are visible from the St Nino Monument, as is Mtatsminda.

St. Nino is accredited with almost single handedly converting the Georgian people to Christianity in the 4th Century CE. The monument sits on a hilltop at the tripoint of Didi Dighomi, Dighomi Massive, and Dighomi Village. The monument itself is a powerful reminder of the dedication and hard work of St. Nino and shows that she resides in the hearts of Georgians.

This location made it onto our list because it is one of the best places to see the suburbs of Tbilisi, unlike the previous locations which are all in the heart of Tbilisi. From the monument, you can see most of the districts of northern Tbilisi, such as Dighomi Massive and Gldani, and even Andza sitting atop Mtatsminda. 

How to get there (public transit):

Bus no. 07, 104, 109

Location in Tbilisi

Hopefully these views will give you an alternative perspective on Tbilisi!

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Ravi Desai
Ravi Desai
19 серп. 2019 р.

This is a wonderful article you have prepared. Thank you very much for giving us this information, now we can explore Tbilisi with these views in our mind.

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