The capital city of Tbilisi offers two metro lines:  a north/south line ("First Line") consisting of 16 stations, and an east/west line ("Saburtalo Line") consisting of 7 stations. The metro operates from 06:00 to 00:00 and costs 50 tetri per card swipe. During the day, trains run approximately every 3 minutes, whereas at night, they run approximately every 10 minutes.

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Travel Time

  • Station Square <-> Varketili:  16 minutes

  • Station Square <-> Akhmeteli Theatre:  17 minutes

  • Station Square <-> State University:  15 minutes

    • Transferring at Station Square takes approximately 3 minutes, not including wait time.


  • To access the metro, you must have a contactless debit/credit card or a "Metromoney Card" which can be purchased (and reloaded) at any metro station for two lari

  • Be warned:  there are usually one or more people at the touristy metros trying to sell Metromoney Cards. There is no reason to buy from these individuals. Just ignore them and/or tell them no, and they will leave you alone.

    • One card swipe costs 50 tetri (1 lari for debit/credit cards) and gives you 90 minutes of free transfers via the metro and buses

Visiting Georgia

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